About This Website

This is a website and information resource pertaining to reviews of the many types of patio furniture and accessories that are available to purchase both online and in real world outlets and stores. Our aim is to bring the visitor an unbiased, informative and factual appraisal of each item of outdoor accessory or furnituire item that we publish here.

We base our information on data gathered through extensive research online and in real world retail outlets. Any opinions expressed are solely that of the reviewing author. While these may differ from that of others, they are based on personal research, findings and conclusions.


This review website is not meant as a full price comparison resource and all information contained herein is the result of current research at the time it was undertaken. This information may be changed by the manufacturers and retailers from time to time which is outside of our direct control and may render some of the information we provide as out of date. This will be remedied to the best of our ability but it must be understood that we cannot guarantee the accuracy of any pricing or other changeable information published here from day to day.