Beautiful patio awnings conjure up an image of sitting out on a hot sunny day under their shade enjoying a nice meal with family or friends, or lazing on a sun bed in the afternoon out of the harmful rays of the sun. In fact, your patio is an integral part of your home when the weather is fine and it's a place you'll want to spend a lot of time enjoying the best weather.

However, a completely exposed patio offers no shade on those really hot sunny days and the addition of a motorized patio awning adds not only that much needed shady retreat from the sun's burning rays, but also a nice, cool place to shelter under when eating a meal or just enjoying a relaxing hour or two.

So let's take a look at this important addition to your outdoor space that can bring hours of additional comfort and relaxation without being exposed to too much sunlight.

Providing Useful Shade

As already mentioned, anything that can provide some additional useful shade outdoors is an absolute joy to have on those hot sunny days. For making the best use of your paved area outside of your home, you need some shaded areas and while you can provide some with trees or overhanging plans on pergolas for example, not all gardens are sufficiently mature to provide these.

However, there's no reason you can't create some artificial shade and one or more well-placed canopies can transform a sweaty sun-trap into a cool and welcoming place to relax on a sunny day. As an overview, it might be useful here to look at some of the installation issues as well as the benefits and many uses you can put an awning to!

Installing a Retractable Patio Awning

Installing one of these shade providers is not so much a difficult job as one that should be given some thought to before getting started.

The first thing you should think about is how much wind your patio gets. This is because you want to avoid the patio's cover becoming damaged or causing damage to your home if it is attached directly to a wall of your house.

Next, look at the rainfall as well as snowfall if you get that in your area. You want to ensure that the canopy is not exposed to either where possible to prevent damage even while it is retracted. In these cases, you can get a fixed cover that sits above the canopy's roller to keep the elements off it.

Otherwise, installing the canopy is simply a case of affixing the unit to the back of the house so that the canopy extends to cover as large an area of usable hard standing space as possible. That is so you can get your garden table and chairs under it along with maybe a sun bed or two and some people as well.

People? Don't forget them, as they are the reason for putting it up!

Retractable Patio Awning Benefits

A retractable canopy extends the usable space of the home out into the garden with the patio taking on a whole new function as a place to sit outside and eat on hot days when you want to be outside but still be sheltered from the sun. When fully extended, it gives the impression of more home space and creates a larger area for kids to play in safely while not being stuck indoors all the time.

Electric awnings fitted over any paved area are perfect for pointing a remote control at to open out in the morning and then in the evening to retract them just as easily. Or if you are hosting a party out on the terrace on a hot summer evening, you can leave the awning open with outside ceiling lights fitted to create a large covered space for the guests to enjoy or to place tables with food and drinks on.

With the well known dangers of over exposure to the harmful UV rays emitted by the sun, having the option of some ready shade on the patio is most welcome. This is especially so on those really hot days when you have done some sunbathing already and now want some shade but don't want to go indoors.

Lastly, as you will see from our additional articles on the subject, patio awnings come in a variety or sizes, colours and even materials. These range from aluminum and steel, through toughened plastic to really nice wooden framed canopies. The latter are great for giving a more rustic feel to your outdoor space.

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