Electric Awnings

Having electric awnings fitted to the outside of your house over windows and doorways are a great way to cut down on the indoor temperature on hot days. They create shade around the house and look good too, adding character and style to any house.

electric awningsOf course there are all kinds of different house awnings available and the choice of colours and designs is really quite vast. That's wonderful for those with an eye for the unusual or a knack for making creative matches between their home and any accessories they might come across.

Functionally, retractable awnings are extremely useful on those hot summer days not only for keeping the house itself cooler on the inside, but also for providing shade to sit under on the outside. Let's look at some of the types and their benefits of fitting electric motorized awnings to your home.

House Awning Types

There are several different types of house awnings that loosely fall into two categories, those of manual awnings and those of motorized awnings. Let's look at the differences and compare them.

Of the manual house awnings, most are easily opened and closed with a handle that you simply turn and there is really very little effort involved even with very large retractable awnings. Manual awnings can be found on all types of windows from standard sizes right up to large patio doors to keep the sunlight away from the glass and potentially heating up the interior of the house.

Of the motorized awnings, they all generally work on a small electric motor that opens and closes them via a wall mounted switch, or a remote control. At the top of the range, there are even automatic awnings that can be set on a timer to open and close at certain times, or even on a daylight sensor that will open the electric awning when the sun hits it signifying that the awning needs to be opened.

Some high end automatic awnings can even be set on a series of sensors that will only open the awning as much as necessary to keep the direct sunlight from entering a window.

Electric Awning Benefits

The benefits of having electrically powered canopies fitted above the windows of your home are numerous and we can take a look at them here.

As a means of reducing the indoor temperature of your home on hot, sunny days, house awnings are absolutely the most energy efficient ways of doing this. They are capable of providing a temperature reduction of up to 10ÂșC which is the difference between needing to run expensive air conditioning or not.

For those who like gadgets and who doesn't these days, getting a remote controller for your powered canopy makes life very easy. That's because all you need to do is stand in front of the awning and zap it to open or close as you wish!

Another great benefit that can be enjoyed is with specifically sited patio awnings that can cover a large area of a home's patio so that you can enjoy a meal in the shade on very hot days while still enjoying the fresh air and space of being outdoors.

Awnings can be waterproof and have the dual benefit of not only keeping you cool on a hot day on your patio, but also keeping you dry on a rainy day. That is of course should you wish to use the patio for an outdoor meal despite the weather!

Bringing it to Life with Lights

You can fix outdoor ceiling lighting to a patio canopy to enable you to also enjoy a meal outdoors under cover on a hot, balmy evening while catching the cooler breezes that may be around after dark. Adding lights is a relatively inexpensive way to extend the useful usable time you can spend outdoors.

You can also create a certain kind of mood with cleverly placed lighting that can really make a difference to the setting. When guests are visiting and they are greeted by an aesthetically charming outdoor meal setting, you can bet they'll be wowed by your creativity!

Whatever you use powered awnings for; they are a great aesthetic improvement on many houses as well as being functional and energy saving as well.

Written by: Webmaster