Does your patio or garden need a shady place where you can sit and relax out of the sun for a while? A gazebo is the perfect answer. The question now is which one?

This section of the site deals with outdoor garden or patio gazebos and canopies and reviews some of the best from the cheapest to the high end high quality models that you can buy online.

What is a Gazebo?

gazeboIf you didn't already know, it's typically a covered open framework structure big enough for a few people to shelter beneath from the sun. The main function is to provide a shady, quiet and secluded place you can retreat to or have some friends around for some drinks or even a nice meal outdoors.

A common design is four pillars supporting a covered roof as you can see from the example pictured to the right. The framework can be constructed of plastic, wood aluminum or steel and the canopy is generally a water resistant fabric or it can be more substantial such as sheet steel.

The more expensive models can be beautifully ornate and some stately houses have permanent gazebos made from stone. They can also be relatively cheap with an easy to assemble plastic frame and fabric and come in different sizes depending on what you want to use it for,

Outdoor wedding marquees can be made from modular gazebos that can become quite large and also be enclosed against the weather with side panels of fabric. Many come with insect nets incorporated into the design so you can spend time outdoors in summer and not be bothered by flies, mosquitoes or other annoying flying insects.

Where is the Best Place to Put Up a Gazebo?

Where you choose to put your gazebo will depend on a few things that you may not be able to change along with some personal preferences such as:

  • Size of the patio or terrace
  • Size of the garden
  • Firmness of the ground (if placed on grass)
  • Location of trees and shrubs
  • Location of other outbuildings, sheds etc
  • Places that already get a lot of shade
  • Privacy and seclusion
  • Accessibility

Those are just a few things that may dictate where you can and cannot put one in your home's outdoor space. The best rule of thumb if you're unsure of a location is to just picture a group of people milling about the area you have earmarked and then ask yourself if it is easy for them to get to it, feel safe and comfortable under it and it looks good where you've put it.

What is the Best Type of Gazebo to Buy?

What kind would best suit your outdoor space and which will look the best? The design, style and construction type you choose to buy will ultimately depend on how much you can afford to spend.

You can get relatively cheap gazebos that have a smaller, self-assembly plastic frame and fabric canopy that you can get for under $200 at some online stores. Larger, steel or aluminum framed constructed units will cost more and if you want a hardtop roof of steel or other durable material, the costs can rise into the thousands of dollars.

How much are you prepared to pay and what style are you looking for. Also, where have you decided to put it once you get it? Putting one up on the lawn may not be the best idea is your ground is often wet, which can happen when your home is on low lying ground.

A patio-erected gazebo might be a better choice if you intend using it a lot and have guests over frequently. That's because when you get a lot of traffic (visitors walking around) on a patch of grass, it tends to wear out pretty quickly and you end up with a potentially muddy floor if drinks get spilled.

Reviews of the Best Gazebos on Sale Online

Below you'll find some comparisons of some of the best selling gazebos from major online stores such as Amazon along with links to my own detailed reviews of chosen items that you may be interested in knowing more about before you decide it's the one you want to buy for your home.

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