Outdoor Furniture that Looks Like Wood

If you are searching for great looking outdoor furniture for your patio that looks like wood but isn't, you can discover some surprising pieces here that might be just what you're looking for. After all, not everybody wants wooden chairs and tables in their garden or terrace.

So in this article you can read about some of the best examples of alternative materials used in the construction of furnishings for your outside space that resemble traditional wood but are not!

Plastic Wood Style Furniture for the Patio

outdoor furniture resembles woodEasily the most popular of all materials for hard-wearing, sturdy and long lasting chairs and tables for outside that can be molded to look just like wooden items are modern plastics. Unlike the cheaper moldings of the past, modern, high density and UV stabilized plastics can be created in all kinds of styles to suit your tastes.

The great thing about plastic furniture that looks just like wood is that it is a lot cheaper to manufacture, package and transport than other materials, which is passed on to the consumer in lower retail prices. This is obviously a big attraction when it comes to choosing what you can afford to put on your terrace or patio without making do with cheap looking items.

The great benefits of this particular material is that it can be left outside in all weathers and will remain as good looking as the day you bought it for a long time to come. Cleaning is really easy and usually consists of little more than a wipe over with a damp cloth to remove any rain deposits of dirt or dust that can cover everything after a downpour.

This type of furniture is very low maintenance there is nothing more to do aside from keeping it clean after it gets wet or dirty to keep it looking at its best. Obviously, you can prolong its life by covering it when not in use or storing over winter in a shed or garage. But since items are lighter and more easily stackable than their wooden counterparts, this is generally an easy job to do.

Aluminum Furniture that Mimics Wood for Outside

Aside from plastic, you can also buy aluminum tables and chairs that have been molded and painted to resemble wooden pieces. These can also look stunningly authentic and come in a range of beautiful styles that will certainly enhance the look of your home's external living space.

While this alternative can be more expensive to buy, it generally has a longer lifespan than plastic and with the proper care should last a lifetime in many cases. Cleaning and maintenance are bother fairly easy and as long as the pieces are covered or put away during the worst weather, will keep their great looks for many years.

What About Wooden Furniture Itself for the Patio?

Of course the obvious thought is to opt for real wood as your material as you can't get any more authentic than the real thing! Modern manufacturing and design produces some really incredible true woody chaise lounges, seats, foot rests and tables of all kinds.

The sheer diversity of style and type makes this material one of the best for this kind of external furnishing. So if you're looking for this kind of look, your certainly shouldn't discount the real thing in favor of alternatives without looking at them first!

Written by: Webmaster