Outdoor Heaters

When the temperatures start to drop (especially overnight and during the colder months of the year), in order to use your patio you need a way of taking the chill off and provide some form of warmth for the people that want to use it. After all there is nothing worse than standing or sitting around on a cold patio, especially of you intend having a meal or a few drinks with friends or family.

For that reason, there are some great forms of heating that are specifically made for patios or any open outdoor space that people want to make use of for social occasions or get togethers. It is these that we will look at in this article.

Types of Exterior Heating

Outdoor heaters allow people to use their patio during colder climates and are available in the form of gas patio heaters, quartz and ceramic electric lamps, wood burning chimenea and fire pits.

Radiant heat is the manner in which heat is convected with these particular terrace heaters. They allow you to enjoy the terrace or patio later in the fall and earlier in the spring. So don't let the cooler weather keep you housebound!

Heaters come in various styles like hanging, free standing, or table top devices.

Different Fuels for Different Needs

The gas-fueled heaters can run on various energy sources such as propane, propane/butane mix or even natural gas. They are generally the most cost-effective in terms of the ratio of heat produced for the cost of fuel used.

Kerosene is still used in some areas for powering camping heaters that are also perfect for taking the chill off the family home's outside space. It doesn't have to be smelly or messy as long as it's used correctly and the fires burning it are clean and in good condition.

Infrared heating has advanced so much that we can heat a variety of outdoor space these days like residential patios, restaurant terraces, club houses or any special outdoor event. These devices just need an electricity hook-up and they're good to go.

Wood burning stoves specially manufactured for outside use can be purchased at many outlets these days and can produce a lot of heat for their size. In areas where wood is plentiful and cheap, these are often the best choice.

Or you could opt for one of the great fire pits that are now available and burn logs and other burnable fuels while you and your guests sit around and enjoy the ambiance!

Which Type Should You Buy?

Buying exterior heaters is much easier than it used to be thanks to the proliferation of hardware superstores that all stock a variety of brands from well known manufacturers. Most general hardware stores stock a selection of heating devices, accessories and fuels so you're always going to find something suitable for your needs.

Prices will vary from make to make and according to your specific needs You should check with the store first before setting out as you may be able to shop around, especially online, to get the best deals.

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