Fire Pits

On those cool Fall and Winter evenings when you want to spend some time just sitting outdoors on your patio or deck or whatever outdoor area you have set aside for similar use, it's nice to have a heat source to sit around and warm your hands on. While outdoor propane heaters do a good job of providing heat for these areas, they don't provide any "warmth" like a real open fire can.

Of course, it's generally not a very good idea to go lighting a campfire on your patio, at least not if you want the paving to stay clean. Even worse to do it on a wooden deck, porch or veranda, for obvious reasons!

But with a custom made fire pit, you can have all the warmth and glow of a real wood fire burning outdoors safely and securely in an enclosure that you and all the family can sit around and enjoy.

The Beauty of a Fire Pit

The true beauty of owning a really nice fire pit is that you and your family and friends can get the same experience as you would sitting around a campfire. There is a kind of camaraderie and a big friendly feeling from sharing the warmth that radiates out from a real wood fire.

You can bring out all your garden furniture chairs and place them around the pit. That way everyone can get a piece of the warmth while watching the fascinating dance that the flames make across the burning logs, which can be quite mesmerizing in an enjoyable sort of way.

As the sun goes down and you are plunged into darkness with only the light of the fire to see by, it really brings that feeling of warmth and togetherness into reality. You can toast marshmallows or slices of bread while you're sitting there.

You can share a cold beer and a warm story or cast some chestnuts into the fire and let them roast in the traditional way. Just be careful when retrieving them to eat!

Time to Get Your Own

Of course if you don't have one of your own yet, it might be a good idea to order one right now so you'll have it delivered in time for those cooler nights. It would be a shame to waste those great evenings that you could be enjoying with friends outside just because it was too chilly or there was no centerpiece to sit around.

In fact, the upcoming Christmas holidays can make a perfect time of the year to light a fire on the patio for the family to sit around and drink hot mulled wine or eggnog while eating snacks or roasted potatoes filled with some amazingly tasty toppings. Or just tuck into the popcorn and toast the festive season with a cold beer!

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Written by: Webmaster