Patio Doors

A doorway from your home to its outdoor space, patio doors are the perfect way to enjoy your garden from inside or provide you with easy access to the hard standing area just outside. This section of the site looks at the many ways in which the external wall opening leading from your home to the back yard can be enclosed safely, functionally and beautifully in many different styles and designs as well as the accessories that help make this part of your home accessible and welcoming.

There are plenty of good reasons to have the best installation you can afford when considering the kind of portals to the outside of your home you want to have. Depending on where you live and the kind of view you will have through them, it might be wise to invest in those that have plenty of glass as long as security is not too much of an issue.

A Secure Entrance

The entrance to your house from the outside area, be it a hard standing patio, terrace, porch or a grassed area of the garden or yard, needs to be secure enough to discourage would-be intruders from entering your home but still retain good looks and aesthetically pleasing design. Having stout wooden doors in this place might be very secure, but it won't provide you with a view from inside onto the outside.

That's why most doors of this type have mostly glass in them with strong metal or wood frames to maintain some measure of security while still providing for a way to see out. Different units will have different glazing features from single pane to double glazed right up to security glass fitted where there is a potential for intruder activity.

Letting Light in but Keeping Bugs Out

Another function of good quality porch openings is the inclusion of insect screens that cover the entire opening to keep flying pests out but still allow for easy access in and out for humans. There's little more irritating than to have mosquitoes flying around the place when you're trying to get to sleep at night!

Good insect screening can keep all but the most cunning of bugs out of your house, although the really clever ones will simply follow you in from the yard and go hide and wait for a tasty meal sometime later when you're least expecting it! But enough about pests, the main thing is to have doors that you like the look of, find easy to use in opening and closing and that perform their function safely and without hassle.

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