French Patio Doors

Would you like to really improve the look of your home? You can work wonders by installing something as simple as French patio doors to really improve its look!

French double patio doors can add that certain touch of true class to any home when viewed from the outside and looking in. They also add a similar touch of style to your home when viewed from the inside looking out on your patio and a well manicured garden beyond.

French patio doorsThere is just something about these porch doors, also known as French windows in some parts of the world, that modern, glass panel doors seem to lack in terms of style and retro-design that elevates a home's aesthetics from the average to the special.

So why have I decided upon writing about this particular variation on the popular gateways to the garden? Well, I personally have French doors fitted to my home leading out to the terrace to complement the style and add a real touch of class to that part of the house.

I have always been glad I decided to opt for these very elegant and stylish openings onto my own terrace, for many reasons as I'll point out in this article. I also have some great examples that are on sale at Amazon at amazing prices that you will agree are great value that you simply must have for yourself!

Why Have French Doors for Your Patio?

Of all the types of external doors that you can choose from that are available today, surely these particular ones are the most elegant and charming. They add style and class to your home and if yours is of classical design, then they can complement that design perfectly.

Of course, beautifying your home is one thing, but the doors should complement the style of your home, which means if you are considering fitting new patio doors and part of that consideration is for this specific type, then you should take time to check out the many different styles to ensure you get a good match for your own home.

One of the really good points of these outward facing doors is that they are generally very secure as they can be locked both top and bottom as well as a central latch type lock augmented with a mortise or deadbolt lock. Their construction is quite robust and they will withstand rather more heavy handedness than they appear to be able to do.

The viewable area through any patio doors is important. My own doors provide plenty of that as they are glazed the full length with narrow wooden horizontal struts breaking it up midway. That means if I'm sitting in my favorite chair, or if I'm standing up I can still get a great view of my own patio and the well manicured garden beyond it.

Types of French Patio Doors

You probably already guess that these come in many designs, styles, colors and shapes and are constructed mainly from wood, although there are also uPVC, fiberglass, steel and aluminum variations that you can consider as well, although my own personal preference has to be the wooden variety for their warmth and classical good looks.

French doors all open on hinges as is their very nature and while they generally and traditionally open outwards, they can also open inwards if that's what you want them to do.

There is a huge variety of door furniture that you can further compliment your own doors with and I opted for classical brass door handles that are heavy and solid in my hands, which I like the feel of. You can add scratch plates, keyhole protectors, ornate brass latch or deadbolt units, even add colored leaded glass if you like that kind of thing!

I know of several of my neighbors that also have them fitted and each set of doors couldn't be more different as each home is quite different in style and design. One family actually opted to fit colored leaded glass, also known as leaded lights and because of the neo-Georgian design of their house, they actually look really authentic and, if I may say so very cool indeed!

Whatever you finally decide upon, you won't regret having French patio doors fitted to your home to welcome you into the garden on a warm sunny morning to enjoy your breakfast on the patio!

Written by: Webmaster