Patio Screen Doors

If you thought you could leave your patio doors wide open while you enjoyed the warm sunny days of summer without allowing all manner of flying insect pests to get into your home, think again. Here's why you need screen doors that you can keep closed to keep those pesky critter out of your house!

There's little quite as enjoyable the hot summer months than to be able to sit out on a great patio and decadently soak up some sun. Of course, it's not all plain sailing as the doors dividing your house and the patio often tend to get left open.

That means easy ingress into your home for flies, mosquitoes and other airborne insect pests. One of the most effective ways of keeping all these pests out of your home is by fitting some good quality patio screen doors that can allow the cooler outside air to circulate through your house while preventing similar circulation of flying insects.

This page takes a look at some of the many advantages of having patio screen doors fitted and why, if you enjoy your patio as an extension of your home on warm days, you really ought to consider having them fitted to your patio doors too.

Why Have Screen Doors to a Patio?

patio screen doorsThere are some very good reasons to have patio screen doors fitted to your home. the main one of these is simply that they do a very effective job of keeping out bugs, flying or otherwise. When you live in a relatively hot climate, this is a problem that is compounded by the very warmth that insects need to achieve flight in the first place.

Once in the air, just about every bug that can fly will fly and they'll all fly straight into your home if you haven't got anything up to stop them. Keeping windows and doors closed is one way, but in the heat of summer, its nice to have windows and patio doors open to allow the breeze to freshen up the inside of the house, otherwise the air gets stuffy.

Problem is, once you open a window, all the local flying bugs get on their cell phones to their friends to let them all know about the party they're all going to have in your place! Before you know it, every flying insect in town is converging on your place for a feast of human misery and to play a great game of Annoy the People Inside!

OK, kidding, but you get the idea. By fitting patio screen doors, you can keep the main doors open while keeping the bugs and their planned party on the outside!

Types of Patio Screened Doors

insect screenThere are several different types of patio screen doors, but the main two are the sliding screen doors and the hinged screen doors. They both have their own redeeming features and have benefits and disadvantages, so let's look at them in turn.

Sliding Screen Doors

Sliding screen doors are the best for protecting the opening made by similarly sliding patio doors as they take up minimal space and need no outward space to open. These types of fly screen door are usually constructed of aluminum, uPVC or steel.

This is because they need to be fairly strong especially when covering large openings. They usually open and close on runners or small gauge rollers and glide easily along their track.

Hinged Screen Doors

Hinged insect screen doors are better installed over french patio doors that open inwards, although they can also be fitted to sliding patio doors as well. The advantages of hinged screen doors is that they can come in twos to cover wide openings.

This means that only one need be opened at a time, thereby effectively halving the accessible area for flies and other flying insects to sneak in while the screen is open.

The disadvantages are they take up more space and need clear space outside to accommodate their opening radius.

Hinged doors that open outwards onto a terrace are a whole different ball game and will require sliding screens that are installed on the inside of the doors. This setup is not always ideal, but often the most workable way around the problem.

So there you have plenty of information to go on regarding the best way to cover the doors leading out to your outdoor space to keep insects out but allow the fresh air in should you be considering buying some for your home.

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