Patio Lighting

This section of the site covers illumination for the patio and looks at all kinds of lighting including solar, low voltage, LED and security lights. There are many ways to banish the darkness from the exterior of your home in a way that is both pleasing and effective.

Here are some ideas in overview that will be discussed at greater length in separate articles in this section.

Illuminating Your Outdoor Space

Having an outdoor area that you can use as an extension of your home when the weather allows is a wonderful bonus that comes with such a home. It is a space that you can use for a number of functions best suited to the outside, such as barbecues, children's parties and the like. It really is great during a sunny day to make full use of that area, but what do you do when the sun does down?

It is quite common to have some exterior lights installed to illuminate that outdoor space such as a patio or terrace, but often the kind of lighting that is in place is merely functional and adds nothing to the aesthetics of the space. This is where some cleverly positioned outdoor lighting units can come into their own.

This is a fantastic way to create a more pleasant and welcoming atmosphere for your guests who will be using your outdoor area after dark, such as for parties and late night barbecues, or just for having a few guests come around for a quiet drink and a bit of socialising on a warm evening when it is far too nice to sit inside.

Well placed lights can drastically alter your patio or terrace from a starkly lit and unwelcoming place to an aesthetically pleasing, warm and welcoming area that guest will just love to visit and spend time enjoying your hospitality. The positioning of the lights can set the scene for a warmer and more relaxed atmosphere that people prefer to be in, leading to many more successful social functions that will hold at your home using the space you have available outdoors.

After all, when you enjoy good company and your company enjoys a friendly and happy gathering of friends, it's natural to want to do it more often.

Enjoying the Benefits of Recessed Lighting Outdoors

When it comes to making use of your outdoor space in the best way you possibly can, it pays to make sure that space is pleasingly lit, especially in hard standing areas such as a patio or deck. It's all well and good putting up a few spotlights or open lighting fixtures, but they make a harshly lit area that feels at best functional and at worse outright cold and uninviting.

Yet with a little imagination and some clever arrangements and design you can transform that same space into a welcoming and warm area that you and your family and guests will enjoy using time and again. You can use discretely placed exterior recessed lighting that will really set the scene for a comfortable and enjoyable evening in your outdoor space.

These particular types of lights can be placed in a variety of stations such as beneath roof overhangs, under arches or pergolas, on special poles or on patio enclosing walls. You can even place recessed lights in the patio flooring if you want to get really creative!

The whole idea is to create a place out of doors that is as inviting after dark as it is during the sunny days of summer. So when you invite some guests round for a barbecue or simply spend some time out there as a family, you will get a pleasing lighting effect for less cost and effort than you might think.

Lighting Your Yard with the Solar Alternative

Having a nicely lit yard or patio area is a real joy especially during the warmer months when you can spend a lot of evenings using that outdoor space for parties and barbecues that can carry happily long after the sun has gone down. But while the common way to light a patio or outdoor yard is to use standard or regular mains electric connected lights, there is a more economical and environmentally friendly option in solar yard lights.

When you convert your outdoor lighting system to run off solar panels and a battery array, you not only relieve the national electricity grid of some of its load at night, but you are saving on the cost of that electricity while doing your part in reducing the amount of natural resources that are used up in producing that mains electricity. Solar electric power is free because it is made by the sun via your panels, but it carries one extra advantage that you can never have with mains lighting systems.

When the mains power goes out, so do your lights and that can dampen the most lively of parties. But with a solar powered system, you are power cut proof so while all your neighbors are languishing in sudden unwanted darkness, your barbecue can carry on in full swing without a problem!

Lighting Up Your Patio in the Evening

When the weather gets warmer and the days get longer, we tend to want to make more use of the outside area of our property and when we have a nice patio, it's the perfect place to start organizing barbecues and parties and inviting some friends and neighbors over. Of course, these social events never finish when the sun goes down and to help keep things going at a fun pace, it's a great idea to have some really good lighting installed to keep the place lit and the party swinging.

There are plenty of places you can get some great lighting sets and you can even order them online these days and get great discounts and free shipping with some of the bigger and better known online vendors. The main idea of course is to make more of your property and the outside area is just as important when it's warm enough to use.

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