Outdoor Recessed Lighting Types to Consider

In the previous article I looked at some outdoor lighting options and in particular the outdoor recessed lighting options and placement ideas that can be done to enhance the look and feel of your patio for the time of the day after the sun goes down and darkness descends. Here I'll look at some of the many types of this particular form of patio lighting that you may want to consider as options for your patio and outdoor areas.

Covered porches as well as patios are perfect candidates for making full use of outdoor recessed lighting. First thing to think about is that without light fixtures that protrude from ceilings or overhangs, you will not need to worry about the lights themselves being damaged or getting broken by kids playing, or even tall people that might run into them and knock their heads or especially when carrying large or awkwardly tall objects that could also knock into the fittings.

There are wall mounted outdoor recessed lighting options that you can think about that require installation on a hard vertical surface. Ok, they may not be as popular as the overhead lighting options, but they are every bit as functional and can still look great when placed in the right situations. These exterior landscape lighting and patio lighting options come in a nice variety of colours, styles, designs and finishes as they are clearly more visible. Wall mounted lighting is perfect for decks or your patio areas especially those that don't have overhead coverage. When there are only vertical surfaces, say of the home or nearby outbuilding such as a garage or garden tool shed.

If you have steps or stairs, they can also benefit from having outdoor recessed lighting fitted. Maybe there are sets of steps that lead from a deck or patio out to the garden. Perhaps there is an outdoor stair case that leads to an upper floor of your home.

By installing outdoor recessed lighting in places such as under steps, they can light up the way so folks can avoid problems associated with poor or no lighting such as tripping or falling.

Here's another option to consider. Say you have meandering walking paths that go through the garden, or landscaped area. Well, an interesting outdoor path lighting option that can light the way are well lights. These residential outdoor lighting fixtures are installed at the ground level. They can be placed either in specially constructed stands or within the actual walkway itself.

If you have a water feature outside the house for instance a fish pond or a fountain, these can also benefit from having some outdoor landscape lighting fitted. There are several waterproof lighting options that are available just for this purpose.

When it comes to fitting outdoor recessed lighting, fisrt of all create a solid plan of action to cater for identifying viable places in which to install the fixtures plus be sure of what you're actually trying to accomplish with respect to this lighting. After all, the ultimate goal is to have all the right places shining just how you want them.

Written by: Webmaster