Outdoor Recessed Lighting

In a slight move away from patio furniture, its always a good idea to get some contrast on what makes for a really welcoming and interesting patio area. So this article is going to take a look at some of the outdoor lighting options that you can use on your patio, with particular emphasis on the recessed lighting types that add illumination and bring your patio alive after dark.

Does your patio get enough light? Do you have an ugly light fixture that sticks out like a sore thumb? Why not consider outdoor recessed lighting to illuminate your outdoor area around the home. This is a type of lighting that is unobtrusive, which means you won't even notice it until you turn on the lights to at dusk. Illuminate your patio, pool area, covered walkway, deck stairs and driveway with outdoor recessed lighting.

Outdoor recessed lighting is an environmentally friendly option.

The problem with large spotlights, flood lights and some porch lights is they shine like a beacon over your property and your neighbours. That's why the recessed option for your property's outdoor lighting needs makes a lot of sense. This way you contribute far less light pollution, meaning there's no light that shines in your windows while you're sleeping. Additionally, outdoor recessed lighting is not disruptive the life cycle of birds and insects.

Outdoor recessed lighting is a little harder to relocate because it requires installing the lighting fixtures into a recessed area of a wall. So you need to choose your lighting options carefully. Location means everything. If you install a lighting fixture under a roof overhang, light may shine into windows of the house. Think about changing the light bulbs and will it be awkward because you put the lighting fixture in a difficult to reach area?

Choose outdoor lighting fixtures that can direct the light into as many different directions as possible for a really wide spread of options. Adjustability of the angle of the light is also very important, especially if you want to highlight a particular part of your yard or a certain area of interest. Being able to adjust the lighting outdoors is useful when holding a party or friendly outside gathering when a bunch of friends come around. They'll be sure to admire your aesthetic outdoor garden lighting as well as the great job you did on your outdoor patio lighting.

When you think about residential outdoor lighting, there are many options to choose from that will provide outdoor accent lighting to the various areas of your property. You can even make huge improvements to your garden area with outdoor landscape lighting that is strategically placed to get the very best from your garden plants, ponds, statues, hedges, trees and other features.

In a separate article I'll look at some of the different types of recessed patio lighting that are available and how they are best made use of to beautifuy and illuminate your patio area and anu other outside area of your property.

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