Patio Umbrellas

Your patio is not complete without other accessories like patio umbrellas. On those extra hot, sunny days, what better than lazing under one of the patio furniture umbrellas for keeping the sun off the furniture and its occupants. These shade givers really are an ideal way to keep the hot sun as well as the rain at bay.

This article takes a look at their many uses and at some of the ways in which you can get the most from them.

Larger than a standard hand held umbrella, those designed for patios are much larger and come in many different shapes, sizes, colors and fabrics.

These great shade providing parasols are generally rain repellent and are designed so they don't usually allow sunlight through them, for obvious reasons.

Most come with a valance around the edge for decorative purposes and to provide additional shade for those beneath while acting as an additional layer of wind protection.

Many companies give them away as promotional items and usually put a logo or company slogan on the top or valance. Some of the designs can look really good, especially if the company is in vogue at the time.

A Tropical Touch

They add a touch of the tropics to your outside space by brightening things up with these decorative accessories. They are great for adding height to the layout of the furniture while performing their function of helping to prevent bathers from burning in the sunshine.

patio umbrellasThey provide useful shade for lounging beneath while reading a book or magazine and add a real feeling of holiday magic to any patio or pool side area. With the addidion of some large umbrellas to your patio, you will have transformed your outdoor living space into a tranquil and pleasant environment.

Deploying for Maximum Impact

When you're planning the layout of your home's exterior living area, take some time to work out where the additional shade provided by your new portable canopies will fall. There is some benefits to making sure you provide the maximum amount of sun protection for the people that will be occupying the beds and chairs outside.

It's all about balancing the creation of a great look with the practicality of providing a comfortable seating and lying area for your guests. When you get that part right, you'll definitely be the host with the most!

Watch the Wind

One thing to be wary of is putting these things up in exposed places when it's a windy day. Wind can be the arch enemy of a large parasol because if it gets underneath the canopy a strong gust can whip the whole thing into the air or dump it on top of an unsuspecting guest!

Make sure you have your parasols firmly anchored to the ground with heavy bases, preferably the big plastic ones you fill with water to provide a solid anchor. Even with the best foundation though, a very strong wind can still pick them up or knock them over.

So choose a sheltered or part sheltered spot for your lounging area if possible. Or put up some wind breaks in strategic places to cut the ferocity of those unwanted gusts!

Buying Patio Umbrellas

When you go to buy an umbrella or several for your terrace or hard standing outdoor space, you'll find a huge range of stores that stock them at a wide variety of prices. The very cheapest are generally to be avoided as they tend to break easily or are made with smaller than normal canopies which means less shade for you.

Other than that, it is really down to the size of your own budget how much you pay. But it is always worth doing some comparison research online to see which store has the best prices of are doing any special deals.

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