Inground Pool Designs

When you live in the warmer parts of the country and you have the room, then its always great to have a swimming pool added to your property. Just think of the possibilities afforded by having your own pool!

There are many inground pool designs you can choose from and they are always popular with the kids and their friends, not to mention the adults and their friends!

So if you're thinking along the lines of having a pool installed on your property, then this might be of some use to you in helping you decide upon some ideal designs to mull over and make an informed decision. If not, then at least it'll get you thinking of what you'd like to see in the back of the house. Somewhere to sit around and enjoy the sunshine in the privacy of your own back yard is a real ego booster for anyone.

Initial Considerations

inground pool designFirst thing you should consider is the construction materials used will have an impact on what kind of design you're going to ultimately choose.

Pools in general can be constructed from a variety of materials such as concrete, fiberglass or vinyl and they all come with varying price tags.

Inground pools when done properly can complement just about any kind of garden or yard. They can range in size from the really small spalsh pool right up to a huge sprawling interconnected design.

You can even consider additions such as spas and waterfalls that will compliment an in-ground pool which can transform the look of your backyard into something that is relaxing and a perfect private retreat. They're certainly inviting; so who wouldn't want to be the first one to jump into the pool or a nice spa?

Inground Pool Construction Options

There really is a load of good info available online on the many types of configurations as well as things like construction materials, process, all kinds of accessories plus ideas such as the time frame for the completion of your project.

Where you live will have a considerable impact on the type of pool construction materials are used. If you live someplace that gets very cold winters, you need to know that concrete or gunite can't withstand colder temperatures. As the ground freezes, its possible that cracks will appear throughout the pool's structure, which will require repair.


For those living colder parts of the country, fiberglass is the better option. You'll find that fiberglass pools abound in plentiful numbers. There are many, many kinds of style and shape for pool that can also come with a spa and even a waterfall if you like.

Fiberglass is a far easier material to maintain than the more traditional concrete constructed pool. There is no need for balancing acid and base chemicals with fiberglass and it's also resistant to algae meaning it needs less cleaning and general upkeep.

If financial matters worry you, then the good news is that fiberglass pools costs considerably less than concrete or gunite pools because they is not so labor intensive. Prices will naturally vary depending upon the type and diffculty of installation and the kinds of accessories you choose.

Concrete or Gunite

For those living in warner climates where there are no freezing winter temperatures to contend with, then a concrete or gunite pool construction is feasible. Their advantages are that once they're in, they stay in.

There is some maintenance that you'll need to follow such as regular cleaning, chemical balance and removing debris from the water, but the design options are greater than with fiberglass simply because you really can take any shape or size you want and get a good inground pool design that matches exactly what you want and what you have the space for in your yard.

When it comes time to make your decision, take your time and be sure to talk to plenty of different swimming pool companies that you can find that service your local area and don't forget those that are advertised online. Many web-based dealers are also affiliated with local pool dealers, so they'll have links which will take you off to their websites.

As a last word, make sure you have fun while making your dreams come true. You can be as creative as you like and always be sure to ask plenty of questions. That's because you'll want to be enjoying your investment for many years to come!

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Visitor Comments

Jill: Its funny I have seen these inground pool designs but I did not know the official name for them, my favorite are the ones that have waterfalls, they look so relaxing and nice to keep cool during these hot summer months here in california.

Admin: I have a concrete built pool but unfortunately no waterfall... and after writing about it I want one now! Maybe next year, who knows!

Martin: Very interesting hub. I actually didn't realize the impracticality of concrete pools in colder climates. I thought they were just less common because inherently the weather isn't conducive to installing an expensive in-ground pool for such a limited pool season. It was interesting to read about the fiberglass pool alternative.

Admin: Hey, you're welcome maritimer. There's usually a simple explanation for most things!

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